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Sensors from Disruptive Technologies ensure buildings are energy efficient and comfortable. The result? Cost savings and happy, productive employees. A 10% decrease in energy use can lead to a 1.5% increase in net operating income.
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Improved energy efficiency

Energy use represents about 19% of total expenditures for a typical office building. Even a 10% decrease in energy use can lead to a 1.5% increase in net operating income, increasing an 18.5 square meter (200k square foot) asset value by $500,000. Sensors can detect that unoccupied spaces are cooled or heated, causing energy waste. With this data, site managers can adjust systems to run only when needed. When energy costs decrease, tenants benefit because building owners can reduce service costs and invest resources back into the building.

Improved tenant well-being

About eight in 10 workers have a hard time concentrating if they’re too hot. Facility managers and front desk staff are accustomed to fielding complaints about temperature - in fact, 68% say temperature is the biggest complaint they receive, but they don’t have accurate data to respond. Staff may manually override systems designed for energy efficiency, but if they neglect to reset the system or log changes, energy goals aren’t met and managers can’t pinpoint the reason. Temperature data helps resolve disputes and keep systems running.

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