Accurately Monitor Extreme Temperatures in Food Service, Healthcare, and Life Sciences

Shriya Dash
Product Marketing Manager

Precision and reliability are essential in temperature monitoring technology, and our latest solution, the Wireless Temperature Probe Sensor, embodies both attributes. Covering a temperature range from -200°C to 650°C, this sensor introduces unprecedented flexibility for precision in a wider range of cold storage monitoring applications across industries.

Here, we explore the various environments where our latest innovation excels.

Critical Temperature Needs Across Key Sectors

1. Life Sciences

In life sciences, the margin for error is virtually nonexistent. Precision is paramount, whether it's cryopreservation at temperatures as low as -196°C or nurturing cell cultures in carefully controlled environments. From ultra-low temperature freezers, which safeguard enzymes and genetic materials at -40°C to -86°C, to laboratory ovens exceeding 300°C for sterilization, the spectrum of temperature requirements is vast. 

The Wireless Temperature Probe Sensor, with its compatibility with any PT100 or PT1000 probe and capability to measure temperatures from -200°C to +650°C, stands ready to meet these demands.  Our technology is designed to deliver the precision and adaptability required for accurate, continuous, and reliable temperature monitoring in the life sciences sector, ensuring that the criticality of this field's narrow margin for error is addressed.

2. Healthcare

Temperature monitoring in healthcare is not just about compliance; it's about patient safety and the efficacy of treatments. Pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and biological materials require specific storage conditions to preserve their effectiveness and integrity. For instance, most medications and life-saving vaccines need refrigeration between +2°C and +8°C, while certain advanced vaccines demand ultra-low temperatures ranging from -70°C to -80°C. Blood banks also have strict storage rules, with red blood cells needing to be kept at 1°C to 6°C and plasma at -18°C or colder to be safe for transfusion.

healthcare worker handling vaccines

The Wireless Temperature Probe Sensor prioritizes features that are critical for the healthcare industry. It supports automated data recording and centralized data access for compliance while offering an alert system for immediate notification of out-of-range temperatures. This functionality guarantees the stability of temperature-sensitive studies through accurate, continuous, and reliable monitoring. The sensor’s standout 15-year battery life ensures continuous, worry-free monitoring, which is crucial for adhering to regulatory standards and preventing the loss of valuable medical supplies. 

3. Food Services and Retail

Maintaining precise temperatures is vital in the food industry to preserve product quality and prevent contamination. Refrigerators, set between +1°C and +5°C, and freezers, operating at -18°C to -22°C, preserve perishable goods. In commercial kitchens, temperature sensors monitor cooking equipment like ovens and fryers to prevent foodborne illnesses by ensuring proper cooking temperatures.

walk-in fridge

The Wireless Temperature Probe Sensor, crucial for the food retail sector, offers precise monitoring from deep freeze to cooking temperatures. It reaches difficult areas in ovens and fridges, vital for food safety. Its liquid temperature measurement is key for appliances like dishwashers, balancing energy use and hygiene. With an easy-to-use open API, it integrates with work order management systems, and its data backfill feature guarantees that no data is ever lost, ensuring complete data access for compliance. This sensor streamlines operations, ensuring reliable and compliant temperature control.


With its ability to operate in a wide temperature range and compatibility with any PT100/PT1000 probe, the Wireless Temperature Probe Sensor provides a versatile solution for diverse industries, including life sciences, healthcare, food retail, and commercial kitchens. It enables businesses to ensure regulatory compliance, protect valuable assets, and maintain the highest quality and safety standards.

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Wireless Temperature Probe Sensor

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Our Wireless Temperature Probe Sensor connects with any PT100/PT1000 probes, providing accurate temperature measurements wherever needed. Ideal for consistent and precise temperature monitoring in a wide range of applications.
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