Leak Detection

Small and powerful, our sensors help prevent slips and spoilage.

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Sensors from Disruptive Technologies can detect a leak before water pools on the floor, preventing mishaps and alerting you to leaky fridges and chillers before it's too late. One undetected refrigerator malfunction can result in $30,000 in lost stock.


Detect tiny leaks before they
become big problems

Refrigeration leaks can be catastrophic to grocery stores, ruining thousands of dollars of food. An entire aisle can be impacted by a leak. Approximately $30,000 can be lost from a single undetected malfunction of a refrigeration unit. Sensors remotely detect leaks and help resolve issues before they cause damage. Alerts inform service technicians, who can arrive quickly on scene. Meanwhile, staff can shut down units and move perishable items so they can still be sold.

Prevent slips and falls

The worst way to find out about a leak is to witness a customer or employee slip and fall. No store owner wants people hurt on their property. You don't want to risk associated insurance claims, lawsuits or reputational damage. With smart sensors, leaks are immediately detected, providing you with peace of mind.



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