Door & Window Sensor

Detects if doors or windows are open or closed in real time.

disruptive technologies door and window sensor

Designed for all Doors & Windows

Engineered to effectively function on any type of door or window, including those with metal surfaces.

Real-Time Door Activity Insights

Gain valuable insights with real-time monitoring of doors and windows, enabling effective space occupancy management for resource optimization, or remote monitoring of cold storage units.

disruptive technologies door and window sensor
Sensor Unit
Detects Open / Closed state based on the magnetic field from the magnet
Neodymium magnet
Industry Leading Sensor

Packed with Features

Designed to deliver reliable, long-term performance with minimal maintenance.

disruptive technologies door and window sensor
15 Years Battery Life
With replaceable coin-cell battery
disruptive technologies door and window sensor
150 meter wireless range
Sensors can roam freely between Cloud Connectors
Peel & Stick Installation
Comes with a 3M adhesive that makes it easy to install
Made Possible by DT Silicon
Our custom designed chip enables us to deliver unmatched performance
disruptive technologies door and window sensor
Flexible Magnet Placement
Makes it easy to install on a variety of doors & windows
Technical Specification

Designed for long Wireless Range

Custom designed antenna optimized for long wireless range

disruptive technologies door and window sensor
Antenna design for metal surfaces
Industry-leading 150 meters indoor range when installed directly on a metal surface
Powered by DT Silicon
Industry-leading size and battery life for wireless contact sensors
disruptive technologies door and window sensor measurements
Sensor Technology
Detection Range
Up to 30 mm
Sensor Output
Open / Closed
Tunnelling Magnetoresistance
Battery Specification
Battery Type
Lithium (BR1632)
Battery Life
Up to 15 Years
Radio & Communication
Communication Protocol
Radio Frequency
868 MHz / 915 MHz
Radio Range
Up to 150 m / 490 ft indoors
Mechanical Properties
39x23x12 mm / 1.54x0.91x0.47 in
14 grams / 0.49 oz
Polycarbonate (PC)
Mounting Method

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disruptive technologies proximity sensor
Proximity Sensor
disruptive technologies door and window sensor
Door & Window Sensor
Detection Distance
< 5 mm
< 30 mm
Sensing Technology
Tunnelling Magnetoresistance
Battery Life
15 Years
15 Years
Wireless Range
40m (140m)
Replaceable Battery
IP Grade
Wooden doors
All doors

Cold Storage Monitoring Solution

Eliminate manual checks, simplify compliance logging, and reduce the risk of product loss.


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