Enhance Temperature Control and Reduce Energy Waste with Fridge & Freezer Door Monitoring

Leona Leslie
VP Marketing

We often discuss how our Cold Storage Monitoring Solution helps businesses with temperature-controlled environments to avoid loss and ensure product quality and compliance. Now, with our new Wireless Door & Window Sensor, specifically engineered for optimal performance on metal doors, we have added another layer of control to cold chain management.

Food loss in the hospitality and retail industries is regularly linked to the temperature of cold storage equipment rising above the required threshold. This can occur at any step of the cold chain. Healthcare professionals also need to take the proper precautions to ensure adequate storage of pharmaceuticals and samples to preserve quality and maximize shelf life.

Shut the Door

Our new Wireless Door & Window Sensor offers businesses with cold storage equipment a way to see at a glance if a door is open or closed and can act as a first line of defense in ensuring optimal temperature control. The sensor monitors fridge and freezer door activity in real time. At the end of a shift, a manager can log in to a cloud-based web application to check that the doors of all cold storage units are securely closed, preventing temperatures from rising overnight. Similarly, if a door is opened outside of operating hours, a responsible staff member can receive an alert and take immediate action to close the door and protect the products inside. 

Automatic Temperature Monitoring

Leaving a door open is only one potential cause of a temperature rise in cold storage equipment. Temperatures might also increase due to equipment deterioration or breakdown, power outages, or manual temperature adjustment. Wireless temperature sensors that automatically monitor the temperature of fridges and freezers in grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and hospitals will capture temperature increases, whatever the reason.

This continuous temperature monitoring is particularly beneficial in environments where maintaining specific temperature ranges is critical for preserving the quality and safety of stored goods. Industries with stringent regulatory requirements, such as pharmaceuticals or healthcare, often need to demonstrate compliance with temperature monitoring standards. In this case, wireless temperature monitoring solutions provide detailed temperature logs, which are essential for compliance reporting and audits.

Another reason to continuously monitor the temperature of cold storage equipment is to identify potential equipment malfunctions or issues before they escalate. Early detection of issues can help prevent costly downtime and product losses.

Stop Energy Escaping

Door sensors can help to prevent temperatures from rising and compromising the quality of the products inside. Still, another critical reason to keep doors closed and cool air in is to reduce energy loss. Commercial refrigeration units are significant energy consumers. Door monitoring technology helps reduce energy consumption by alerting staff to open doors so they can close them and stop energy escaping, minimizing unnecessary energy consumption and reducing utility costs. A lot of energy can escape in large cooler rooms or walk-in refrigerators before the products inside are put at risk. 

Long-Term Return on Investment

By implementing sensor technology into cold chain management, businesses will achieve a significant return on investment over time. The reduction in spoilage and energy consumption translates directly into bottom-line savings. With fewer instances of spoiled inventory and lower energy bills due to minimized wastage, businesses can quickly recoup their initial investment. 

The Wireless Door & Window Sensor is part of our Cold Storage Monitoring Solution.

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