How Klüh MultiServices Uses Sensor Data to Digitalize Facility Management

Leona Leslie
VP Marketing

At Disruptive Technologies, we work with forward-thinking partners who use our tiny wireless sensors to create industry-leading solutions within Workplace Management, Building Automation, and Cold Chain Management. Among our partner network, Klüh Service Management GmbH is a prime example of leveraging cutting-edge sensor technology to enhance and digitalize its service offering.

For more than one hundred years, Klüh has been on a mission to deliver excellent services to its customers in all areas of facility management. The Klüh Group consists of six divisions: Cleaning, Catering, Clinic Service, Security, Personnel Service, and Airport Service. Klüh Integrated Services offers all these high-quality services together. In recent years, sustainability, digitalization, and innovation have become key criteria in shaping the company’s success, ultimately leading to the partnership between Klüh and Disruptive Technologies.

kluh eco system for smart services

In response to digitalization driving change in facility management, Klüh established its own Center of Digital Excellence (CoDE). CoDE serves as the in-house partner to all of Klüh’s divisions in many aspects of digital transformation and has created the Klüh Eco System for Smart Services. The concept facilitates the development of business models such as service-on-demand, a 360-degree concept combining communication, implementation, and reporting within an IoT framework. For instance, in the cleaning sector, the DigiClean® application, designed to visualize the entire cleaning process, has paved the way for the Smart Cleaning brand EcoServ – State of the Smart.

This is where the Disruptive Technologies sensors come in. When combined with sensor technology, the EcoServ concept makes it possible to optimize and manage Klüh´s services even more transparent and to support the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Further information about Klüh´s new brand EcoServ can be found here.

The sensors gather and transmit real-time data about how and when a building or space is used, enabling Klüh to understand cleaning and maintenance requirements and plan schedules based on demand. The intelligence they create brings efficiency to many aspects of their work, from facility management to customer service. For instance, the sensors can automatically generate data for work orders, making paper reports a thing of the past.

Example Use-Cases

1. Cleaning Management

Sensor-derived data enables the use of Klüh´s digital run sheet, guiding cleaning staff to the areas requiring attention. Instant cleaning of specific zones can be triggered via smart buttons, boosting efficiency and quality.

2. Smart Building Solutions

By combining building usage and occupancy data and linking it to interactive floor plans, Klüh can make informed decisions, for example related to security and catering.

3. Customer Service Portal

Customer interactions, inquiries, feedback, and document management are combined in one centralized portal, streamlining customer service workflows.

4. Business Intelligence

Sensor data empowers informed decision-making across quality assessments, management KPIs, sustainability metrics, and billing.

Bringing Flexibility and Efficiency to Facility Management

Klüh's Eco System for Smart Services tackles common challenges experienced by facility managers and service providers. By incorporating sensor data, Klüh can streamline processes for optimal resource utilization and waste reduction. At the same time, real-time insights and alerts improve team communication and offer transparency. The icing on the cake is the data also brings more flexibility and customization options to Klüh’s processes. By leveraging sensor data, Klüh can deliver adaptable real-time services that cater to changing demands.

The technology partnership between Klüh and Disruptive Technologies represents the collaboration in driving impactful solutions that reshape industries. Together, we are shaping the landscape of smart services, ushering in efficiency, responsiveness, and customer-centricity to new levels.

About Klüh Services GmbH

Klüh Service Management GmbH, established in 1911 and headquartered in Düsseldorf, is a distinguished family-owned multi-service provider. With expertise spanning Cleaning, Catering, Clinic Service, Security, Personal Service, Airport Service, and Integrated Services, Klüh delivers standalone and comprehensive service solutions.

For further information about Klüh please visit

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