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Digitalization of Former Berlin Airport Aided by Planon & Disruptive Technologies

After having been tasked by the government of Berlin to transform the no longer operating Tegel Airport into something useful, Tegel Projekt GmbH was launched. The site of the former airport, which includes 1,235 acres of land and buildings, will become a real-life testing ground for developing the city of the future.

Tegel Projekt GmbH first developed a goal to digitalize building management on the site, and chose to implement Planon’s Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) to do so. After implementing Planon’s IWMS, they launched a pilot project integrating Disruptive Technologies sensors to collect important data for monitoring and reporting.

In total, Planon implemented 28 software modules, plus several submodules for technical, commercial, and infrastructural building management. The project was completed in November 2021, and Planon’s IWMS has formed the backbone of building operations on the site ever since.

Introducing Sensor Data

Tegel Project GmbH discovered the Disruptive Technologies sensors for the first time at a Planon customer event and realized it offered exactly what they needed: wireless, battery-powered sensors with easy adhesive mounting, plug-and-play installation, and integration into Planon via the cloud.

They ordered 116 desk occupancy sensors, 62 CO2/ temperature sensors for the office cubicles, and 15 motion sensors for meeting rooms and common spaces in their V Building. The process, from pre-planning to ordering, took one and a half months.

Planon’s dashboards allow Tegel Projekt GmbH to analyze sensor data and generate statistics for specific periods of time as a basis for monitoring and reporting. The team can apply filters to zoom in on a specific building, date, room, or workstation type, for example. This helps them identify problem areas so they can continually optimize their operations.

Sensor Use Cases

Temperature sensors issue a warning if the room temperature exceeds or falls below 66°F, the legal lower limit for workplaces defined by German labor law. Employees still adjust the temperature manually at the radiator, but Projekt Tegel GmbH may choose to regulate the temperature automatically in the future using digital thermostats. 

Motion sensors monitor whenever people enter meeting rooms and common spaces. This allows Tegel Projekt GmbH to have the rooms cleaned on an as-needed basis. When a meeting is scheduled, the system reports whether the room is ready for use, and when it requires cleaning and preparation.

Desk occupancy sensors detect whenever someone is working at the desk. This shows how many employees are in the room and which workstations are occupied. As a result, Tegel Projekt GmbH can avoid wasting time and resources on cleaning desks that have not been used.

Planon and Tegel Projekt GmbH are currently working on linking the sensor data with a seat reservation system that automatically displays workstations in a CAD drawing. Employees can then search for available workstations and book them via an app. In the future, this will enable more efficient space and occupancy management, while helping Tegel Projekt GmbH to optimize maintenance and energy costs.

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The Planon and Disruptive Technologies Partnership

Planon and Disruptive Technologies formed a partnership in November 2021 to offer Planon customers a simple, fast, and cost-effective way to monitor occupancy in their buildings. Integrating Disruptive Technologies IoT sensors enhances and complements the functionality of Planon’s Asset & Maintenance Management and Space & Workplace Services Management domains.

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