How Planon and Disruptive Technologies Create Sustainable and Effective Workplaces

Leona Leslie
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Organizations can improve their sustainability planning and execute their ESG goals by measuring building-related processes. Together, Planon and Disruptive Technologies have created a solution that uses affordable, wireless sensors and cloud-based software to help businesses to optimize layouts for flexible working and ensure that space is used to its full potential.

Planon Quickstart for Desk Occupancy Insights is the solution that combines Disruptive Technologies tiny, wireless occupancy sensors with Planon’s Workplace Insights software to monitor and understand how buildings are used. Desk occupancy sensors collect data about if someone is sitting at a desk, or using a meeting room or communal area. The data is displayed as ‘live’ (near real-time), and historic ‘heatmaps’ are superimposed onto a building’s floor plan along with a set of occupancy charts for detailed analysis. This helps businesses make the right decisions to optimize space and provide an optimal working environment for employees.

Planon Quickstart for Desk Occupancy Insights
Planon Quickstart for Desk Occupancy Insights

Combining The Best Sensors With The Right Platform

The partnership between Planon and Disruptive Technologies began shortly after the launch of Planon's platform software in 2017. In close collaboration, the two teams created their joint solution for the Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) market. The goal is to make office planning and operations more productive, energy-efficient, and tailored to modern working environments.

Planon on DT
DT On Planon

What Do Customers Get? 

Planon provides intelligent software for data analytics, documentation, and visualization, as well as installation services and the overall solution design. They can even create a digital twin to visualize the office space, while the sensors from Disruptive Technologies can add detailed and accurate data to this model.

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How To Get Started

The Planon Quickstart for Desk Occupancy Insights helps you to understand how spaces are used. Equip 100 desks with occupancy sensors and immediately start analyzing usage patterns. The kit includes the following:

  • 100 x Wireless Desk Occupancy Sensors 
  • 3 x Cloud Connectors for relaying data to the cloud
  • Planon Workplace Insights software
  • Installation guide and onboarding App
how to get started

Installing the sensors is easy, with no pairing or configuration needed. You can be up and running and collecting data without inconvenience or disruption to daily operations. They are small and discrete, hardly noticeable when installed on the underside of a desk.

Another unique feature is the sensors’ industry-leading battery life. Once installed, they silently collect data for up to 15 years, without the need for maintenance or battery replacement.

A Partnership For The Future

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For More Information 

Planon connects buildings, people, and processes with its smart building management software. Creating actionable insights for their customers helps to eliminate data silos and align different solutions into one shared information platform.

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