Automated Temperature Monitoring for Retail

Eliminate manual checks, simplify compliance logging, and reduce the risk of product loss with reliable temperature monitoring designed for the diverse needs of the retail industry.

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Within limits
All fridge doors are closed
Door & Window Sensor

Easily Manage Product Safety & Compliance

Keep the temperature of cold storage equipment at optimal levels
to ensure product safety and eliminate loss in grocery & convenience stores.

Ensure Product Quality & Safety

Wireless sensors reduce liability for retailers by providing accurate temperature monitoring, preventing human error in manual checks and ensuring product quality and customer satisfaction.

Reduce Food Shrink

Retailers can save up to $5,000 in shrink loss by using sensors to detect equipment malfunctions and prevent temperature failures.

Save Manual Labor Costs

Automated temperature monitoring can save retail staff significant time each day by eliminating the need for daily manual checks on fridges and freezers.

How Does it Work?

Discreet wireless sensors continuously monitor equipment temperature. The data is accessed in our web-based application and easily integrated with work order management systems.

Continuous Temperature Monitoring of Cold Storage Equipment

Automatically monitor and log the temperature of fridges, freezers, and cold rooms.

Fridge and Freezer Door Monitoring

Remotely monitor the door activity of fridges and freezers to understand whether they are open, closed, or ajar.

DT Studio iPhone notifications

Instant Notifications

Receive an alert if the temperature deviates from a defined range to take timely action.

Analyze Insights

Easily analyze sensor data in
our web-application, Studio.

Integrate Sensor Data

Build a solution on top of our APIs or integrate data into your existing cold chain management solution.

Discreet Wireless Sensors


Peel-and-stick sensors take seconds to install, communicate instantly, and require no maintenance.


Robust sensors consistently collect accurate data for up to 15 years in almost any environment.


From the moment of collection to storage in the Cloud, data is encrypted, private, and secure.

Packed With Features

Long-term performance with minimal maintenance.

Battery Life
Continuous temperature monitoring, year after year.
temperature data
Never Lose Temperature Data
Automatically backfills data if the connection is lost.
peel-and-stick wireless sensor
Peel & Stick Installation
Comes with a 3M adhesive that makes it easy to install.
Touch to Identify
Touch the sensor for quick and simple identification in Studio.
Engineered for Any Condition
IP68 Rated - Built to perform in a wide range of challenging environments.

“When we tried other temperature monitoring systems, we experienced higher-than-expected sensor failure rates and lower-than-anticipated battery life, increasing the cost of maintaining the system. The performance of the Disruptive Technologies sensors was simply better.”

Chase Roth, RaceTrac

Customer Success Spotlight

RaceTrac Upgraded Temperature Monitoring Across 580 Stores

RaceTrac, the leading convenience store chain in the US, successfully deployed our automated temperature monitoring solution across 580 locations, providing its customers with safe and fresh food while significantly increasing operational efficiency.

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Our Temperature Sensors

disruptive technologies temperature sensor
Temperature Sensor
disruptive technologies temperature sensor
Temperature Sensor
with Data Backfill
Temperature Probe
Measurement Range
-40°C to 85°C / -40°F to 185°F
-40°C to 85°C / -40°F to 185°F
-200 to +650 °C / -328 to 1202 °F
Sampling Rate
30 seconds
30 seconds
30 seconds
Heartbeat Interval
Battery Life
15 Years
15 Years
15 Years
Wireless Range
40m (140m)
40m (140m)
Data Backfill

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