Think Bigger with Smaller

Efficient and sustainable buildings with the world’s smallest wireless sensors

Sensors Solutions

Think Bigger with Smaller

Efficient and sustainable buildings with the world’s smallest wireless sensors.

Sensors Solutions

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Sensor Starter Kit

The easiest and most affordable way to get started with our plug & play sensor solution. Peel & stick sensors with effortless connectivity. Test out any sensor solution - from smart cleaning and cold storage to predictive analytics and maintenance. Use our web app Studio for simple analytics, alerts, and notifications. Or add the sensors to your own application in an instant. No set-up or pairing is required. 

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A simple and secure sensing system.

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Sensors - Tiny ingenious sensors detect humidity, temperature, water detection, door status, asset temperature, and remote monitoring of your buildings & assets.


Cloud Connector - Our cloud connector gathers sensor data and transfers it to our cloud or a partner cloud. A plug and play gateway.



DT Cloud & API - View and manage data via our software Studio, one of many partner portals, or a custom integration through our API.



Hear from customers & partners


"The Infogrid pipe monitoring solution fully automated our legionella reporting, allowing us to reduce the time spent on legionella compliance by 81%."

- Andre Bothma,
Head of Engineering Technology, JLL Integral

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"[The system] has not only resulted in reduced risk, but has added value by freeing up the Facilities Team to concentrate their efforts on maintaining other parts of the building."

Spokesperson, Royal Opera House


"The Infogrid system has already delivered significant benefits toward our goal across the Trust, particularly in pharmacy medicine storage."


Estate Manager, NHS

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"Since the sensors are wireless, we had no problems with finding the best spot to install them because we could attach them anywhere we wanted."

- Remco Van Noppen
Community Manager, Spaces Rode Elifant


"The level of detail being obtained has proved to be a revelation."

- Matt Livesey,
Director of Property Management, Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH).


"Disruptive Technologies sensors decrease unnecessary call-outs by 25%."

- Barry Jones,
Operations Director, 4D Monitoring


"Not only did it save £1.25m of food stock, but it also helped us to manage our sites remotely during lockdown, and automatically alerted us about multiple faults with our freezers"

Safety and Risk Manager, Global Restaurant Chain


"The wireless, 15-year battery life DT sensors are extremely small and require no setup or maintenance."

- William Cowell de Grouchy,

CEO, Infogrid


"If we see an increase in temperature with no increase in load we can detect something may be wrong and we can go out and fix problems right away."

-  Kjetil Nymoen,
Solution Architect for IT strategies for Energy Technology, Elvia


"We are an energy company that aims to sell as little energy to our customers as possible, and DT sensors help us in that mission."

- Eyvind Kjensli
Sales Director, Noova


"The system has saved our homemade gelato several times."

- Nora Pedersen,

Owner and General Manager, Sval

partner-enabled applications

Smart Buildings & Facilities Management


Remote Monitoring


Legionella Compliance


Cold Storage


Desk Occupancy

disruptive technologies smart cleaning


disruptive technologies energy efficiency


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