Desk Occupancy Sensor

Accurately monitors desk usage, while maintaining employee privacy.

Unobtrusive Desk Occupancy Monitoring

Our Wireless Desk Occupancy Sensor ensures privacy while monitoring desk usage, facilitating more efficient workplace management and planning.

Desk Utilization Insights at a Glance

Monitor and analyze desk occupancy patterns to understand how workstations are used to make better use of space and enhance workspace utilization.

Industry Leading Sensor

Packed with Features

Designed to deliver reliable, long-term performance with minimal maintenance.

Battery Life
Reliable occupancy monitoring, year after year
Non-intrusive Data Collection
Ensures full discretion by utilizing temperature data to determine desk usage
peel-and-stick wireless sensor
Peel & Stick Installation
Comes with a 3M adhesive that makes it easy to install
Touch to Identify
Touch the sensor for quick and simple identification in Studio
98% Detection Accuracy
Reliable data on desk usage patterns for efficient use of space
Technical Specification

Sensor Overview

Impact Molded Acrylic
Completely seals the electronics enhancing durability and providing IP68 ingress protection.
Powered by DT Silicon
Our custom designed chip enables us to deliver unmatched battery life.
disruptive technologies temperature sensor measurements
Sensing Technology
Sensor Output
Occupied / Not-Occupied
Detection Time
10 Minutes
Temperature (CMOS)
Battery Specification
Battery Type
Battery Life
Up to 9 Years
Radio & Communication
Communication Protocol
Radio Frequency
868 MHz / 915 MHz
Radio Range
With Range Extender
Up to 40 m / 131 ft indoors
Up to 150 m / 492 ft indoors
Mechanical Properties
19x19x3.5 mm / 0.75x0.75x0.14 in
3.0 g / 0.11 oz
Impact modified acrylic film
Mounting Method

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disruptive technologies desk occupancy sensor
Desk Occupancy Sensor
disruptive technologies motion sensor
Motion Sensor
disruptive technologies door and window sensor
Door & Window Sensor
Sensor Output
Occupied / Not Occupied
Motion / No Motion
Open / Closed
Sensing Technology
Temperature + ML
Passive Infrared (PIR)
Magnetic Field Detection
Battery Life
9 Years
15 Years
15 Years
Wireless Range
40m (140m)
Replaceable Battery
IP Grade
Use Case
Desk Monitoring
Room / Zone Monitoring
Door Activity Monitoring

Space Occupancy Solution

Using data from wireless desk and motion sensors, you can analyze usage, optimize layouts, and design a productive, energy-efficient work environment.


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