Case Stories

Huge Energy Savings At Factory No. 7 With Only 12 Sensors

The energy consumption story at Factory No. 7 Property (Fabrikkveien 7) is one we’ve heard too often: they used more energy than the building required. The client is based in Rogaland in Norway. They had been in contact with an established energy supplier who gave them no feedback on how to address their surplus energy problem and how to reduce consumption in the future.

Because of the pandemic, the client’s activity stopped, but the building continued to have a high baseload power.

The payment structure for energy use in Rogaland requires clients to pay an extra fee per hour during the months of electricity consumption peaks (October to March). Thus, when activities resumed, the energy consumption and cost peaked in the winter months. The baseload power consumption was 89 kWh in October 2019 and 136 kWh in 2020, a 34% increase. This led to extremely high costs for Factory No. 7 Property and its tenants.

Sensor Solution Led to Energy Savings & Sustainability Gains

Factory No. 7 Property reached out to our Certified Partner Noova, who quickly deployed Disruptive Technologies temperature sensors, which transmit the building’s data to Noova’s Logic Energy system. Logic Energy applies analytics to the building data gathered from the sensors, which gave Factory No. 7 Property insights into their building.

Before the deployment of the solution, Factory No. 7 Property had a very limited view of their ventilation system. Thus, 12 sensors were installed on the building’s HVAC systems to monitor the ventilation systems’ operating times and optimize their use.

Disruptive Technologies Temperature Sensor
Noova's Logic Energy Solution

In addition, Noova installed sensors to monitor the facility’s indoor temperature to optimize the building’s indoor climate and ensure optimal temperature levels were maintained. This led to reduced energy consumption and sustainability gains for Factory No. 7 Property.

Factory No. 7 Property is satisfied with the operational insights gained thanks to Noova. Insights from DT sensors give a full overview of the building’s ventilation system. Factory No. 7 saw energy savings results thanks to Noova’s system based on their energy consumption meters and only 12 DT sensors installed.

"With great knowledge and new technology, Noova has given us good insight on how we use energy and what is most important to monitor and adjust to create sustainable and optimized energy consumption. Noova is proactive and committed to helping us cut our energy consumption. Noova managed to help us with our energy use in cooperation with our operations department. For us, it is important to have innovative and solution-oriented suppliers. Noova has utilized new exciting sensor technology that has given us a clear picture of the actual energy consumption and management in the office environment and how to continue our energy work in the future." Manager at Factory No. 7 Property

"The Factory No. 7 Property case confirms why we are using DT sensors. We are an energy company that aims to sell as little energy to our customers as possible, and DT sensors help us in that mission." Eyvind Kjensli, Sales Director, Noova

How It Works

DT sensors were placed in critical places in the HVAC system and in the building’s offices. The sensors gathered data about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and office temperature.

The data is visualized and organized in the Noova Logic Energy application. When the system detected unusual HVAC running conditions or patterns based on time and date, the building managers can receive alerts and notifications.

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