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Introducing the New Wireless Door & Window Sensor

Leona Leslie
VP Marketing

We are excited to present the latest advancement in our sensor portfolio: the Wireless Door & Window Sensor. With its ability to capture data from a wide range of door and window types, including those within metal frames, the innovation represents a significant leap forward in performance. With an extended wireless range, discreet design, and exceptional fifteen-year battery life, the new sensor offers capabilities unmatched by any other option on the market.

How It Works: Simply and Reliably

The Wireless Door & Window Sensor consists of a sensor and a magnet. When these two parts separate, the device sends a status update to the cloud, indicating that the door or window is open. When they come within 30mm of each other, the sensor reports that the door or window is closed. Solution providers can easily integrate data into their cloud services via APIs or access it directly in the Disruptive Technologies web application, Studio. Users can set up alerts to receive immediate notifications when a door or window opens or after a certain number of events.

Wide Wireless Range on All Surfaces, Including Metal

The Wireless Door & Window Sensor works well on all door and window types, regardless of shape, size, or material, including metal surfaces, which have previously posed a challenge for wireless sensors. Its extended wireless range of 150 meters reduces the need for multiple gateways, making it a cost-effective choice for large spaces. The design's flexibility and scalability make it ideal for spaces with mixed door types.

Simple Installation, Fifteen-Year Battery Life

The sensor's peel-and-stick feature ensures easy installation. Its impressive fifteen-year battery life guarantees uninterrupted data collection, reducing maintenance needs and providing seamless operation over time. Sensor battery life is typically linked to usage, meaning that the more events it records, the more rapidly the battery will deplete, shortening the sensor’s lifespan. Our Wireless Door & Window Sensor can report 2 million sensor events, allowing it to maintain its long battery life even in high-use applications, such as smart cleaning.

The Wireless Door & Window Sensor supports applications across industries. In cold chain management, remotely monitoring fridge and freezer doors can help ensure the quality and safety of perishable goods. In the workplace and commercial buildings, it supports smart cleaning and maintenance. Combined with motion and desk occupancy sensors, it offers valuable insights into space utilization for better resource allocation and layout optimization.

Fast Facts

  • 15-year battery life
  • 150m wireless range
  • 2 million sensor events

The Wireless Door & Window Sensor sets a new standard for remotely monitoring doors and windows. With unparalleled battery life and accurate data collection regardless of surface type, it offers users reliable data, a low cost of ownership, and a solution that works with minimal maintenance for up to fifteen years.

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