What is the Wireless Door & Window Sensor, and How Does it Work?

Leona Leslie
VP Marketing

Our new Wireless Door & Window Sensor builds on the already best-in-class features of our proximity sensor and offers even better performance through an extended wireless range and battery life, particularly beneficial in high-use applications. If you haven’t already had the opportunity to explore the features that make this product the best in its category, check out our launch post here.

In this new article, we go into more detail about how the sensor works, how facility and workplace managers can benefit from door and window data, and what sets the product apart from other door and window sensors on the market.

How Does the Wireless Door & Window Sensor Work?

The Wireless Door & Window Sensor comprises two main components: the sensor unit and a magnet. Its operation is straightforward. When a door or window is closed, the magnet remains in close proximity to the sensor unit, maintaining a stable magnetic field.

However, the magnet moves away when the door or window is opened, causing a magnetic field shift. The sensor detects this change and triggers a response, such as sending a real-time notification to facility management personnel.

Data Communication

When the magnet is present, the sensor wirelessly transmits a message to the cloud, updating the status of the door or window as "Closed." Conversely, when the sensor loses proximity to the magnet, it sends another message, immediately updating the status to "Open."

Data communication

This data transmission occurs through our SecureDataShot™ enabled gateway, ensuring secure and reliable communication. Users can conveniently access the data through our web application, Studio, or integrate it with external services, such as Workplace Management or Smart Cleaning Software, via webhook or REST API.

Use Cases

Door and window sensors enhance insight, control, and efficiency in a number of settings. Their primary function is to detect openings and closings, providing real-time information to facilities managers about access points in a monitored space. 

1. Smart Cleaning

Gain invaluable insights into space utilization by monitoring door activity. Use the data to create needs-based cleaning and maintenance schedules.

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2. Cold Chain Management

Safeguard perishable products in cold storage by tracking refrigerator and freezer doors. Receive an alert if a door is unintentionally left open to mitigate the risk of spoilage and loss.

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3. Energy Optimization

Minimize energy waste by ensuring doors and windows are not left open when heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are operational. 

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Unique Features and Benefits

When evaluating wireless door and window sensors, look for the following standout features that set our Wireless Door and Window Sensor apart:

Performance on Metal Surfaces: Metal surfaces pose a challenge for many sensors. Our sensor's antenna design is optimized for metal surfaces, providing 150m indoor range when installed on a metal frame.

Detection Distance: An extended detection range of 30mm provides placement flexibility, making the sensor suitable for a wide range of door and window structures.

Long Battery Life: Thanks to our proprietary energy-saving communication protocol, which supports up to two million sensor events, up to 15 years of battery life is possible. With a sensor that delivers reliable results over time, you can minimize maintenance requirements and operational costs.

Comparison with the Wireless Proximity Sensor

The Wireless Door & Window Sensor is the most recent addition to our sensor line-up, joining the Wireless Proximity Sensor in addressing the use cases described. While both sensors excel at proximity detection, they cater to different needs:

  • In contrast, the Wireless Door & Window Sensor provides unparalleled performance on metal surfaces and has a detection range of 30mm for greater placement flexibility.
  • The Wireless Proximity Sensor, at just 19 x 19 mm, is ideal for discreet retrofits in door frames, specifically wooden ones. It offers precise detection within a 5mm range.

Bottom Line

By monitoring access points, the Wireless Door & Window Sensor provides actionable insights into space and asset utilization for informed decision-making and prompt intervention if needed. With unique features such as superior performance on metal surfaces, extended detection range, and long battery life, the sensor delivers dependable data year after year, even in challenging conditions.

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