New Partnership Empowers Data-Driven Real Estate Decisions in the Nordics

Leona Leslie
VP Marketing

A Telenor Proptech spin-off, is a company dedicated to creating solutions that enhance Workplace Management through smart use of data.

But what does that really mean?

In simple terms, they offer a platform that collects data from different sources in a building. By combining and analyzing the data, they can provide insight into how workspaces in the building are used and run.

Practically, it means workplace and facilities managers can clearly understand how employees use workstations, meeting rooms, and spaces in the building and which areas are underutilized. Workplace Managers can design optimized floor layouts, improve working conditions for employees, and improve energy efficiency. Facilities managers can improve cleaning and maintenance schedules and apply resources more efficiently.

Data-Driven Workplace Planning

The insights provides to its customers shine a spotlight on underutilized spaces and highlight if there is room for more people in smaller spaces. With this data, companies can redesign layouts, renegotiate leasing contracts, or justify not investing in more real estate, even if the company is growing in size.

Sensors from Disruptive Technologies is the perfect partner for Disruptive Technologies. Our sensors collect data such as occupancy, temperature, humidity, and CO2 to understand workplace usage and conditions. This data forms the foundation for solution providers like, who turn it into powerful tools for customers seeking to create flexible, modern, productive workplaces.

150 Million NOK Savings in 3 Years

“The customer base that has built over the past three years consists of some of the biggest names in Norway and Sweden,” says Nils Morten Ringheim, Sales Director Northern Europe for Disruptive Technologies. "We’re excited to begin this partnership, combine our expertise, and create even more value for customers.”  

With its innovative approach to using data from different technologies in the workplace, has saved more than 150 million NOK for its customers. Here are some examples:

Telenor Optimizes Lease with Data-Driven Approach

Telenor owns a 140,000-square-meter campus just outside Oslo that they planned to put up for sale with a lease-back arrangement. They needed insight into how many square meters of space to keep.

By monitoring space utilization, they could understand how their workforce used spaces over a day, week, or month. There was a close collaboration between the Workplace Management teams and the Labor Unions, who aimed to create a space designed for optimal employee productivity and comfort. Empowered by the data, they could negotiate a leasing agreement matching their operational needs.

Large Nordic Financial Institution Streamlines Real Estate Post-Acquisition

When a leading financial institution acquired a separate entity, it used occupancy data to understand the newly merged company's real-estate requirements. They identified that their existing buildings had enough space to accommodate the teams moving over from the new entity and could terminate the lease of the previous entity's property. The client has since rolled out the solution in Norway and Sweden.

Bane Nor Saves Millions Annually by Streamlining Office Space

Bane Nor, the company responsible for Norway's railways and one of the country's leading property managers and developers, used the data from in the same way. After analyzing how their office spaces were being used, they could eliminate entire floors from their lease, saving millions of kroner each year.

Workplace Technology: A Growing Market

The market for technology to support workplace management is growing rapidly. A recent report by Diös, Fabege and Wihlborgs Fastigheter about the Swedish market explains how the shift towards hybrid work models and diverse workspace preferences among employees is driving initiatives to optimize office spaces to accommodate fluctuating occupancy levels.

With organizations focusing more on employee well-being, collaboration, and workplace efficiency, there is a growing demand for data on space utilization to facilitate flexible workspace design and support employee health and safety. The focus on sustainability further drives the adoption of technology to optimize energy consumption and promote resource-efficient practices.

As a result, the market for sensors and data analytics software in Norway and Sweden is experiencing robust growth as organizations seek innovative solutions to create dynamic and adaptable workplaces that align with the demands of the modern workforce.

A Flexible Platform

Because is not married to one technology, they are flexible in a way that other platform providers are not. Even if a company already has an installed base of sensors or an established building management system, it can layer the platform on top and easily incorporate new technologies and datasets.

Magne Gabrielse, Chief Product Officer at, says, “Because the Disruptive Technologies sensors are so easy to install, can roam between gateways, and are easy to scale, we can easily add value to existing customers or offer an easy way to get started collecting data for new ones.”

The beauty of the platform is that it funnels data from many sources. By layering sensor data on top of other sensor data sets, such as energy consumption data or data from the Building Management System (BMS), can provide tailored solutions for:

1. Workplace Analytics

Analyzing occupancy patterns, temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels helps businesses optimize office layouts, make informed decisions regarding workspace utilization, and enhance overall efficiency.

2. Improving Indoor Air Quality

By tracking temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, businesses can implement measures to enhance ventilation and ensure a healthier and more comfortable environment for employees.

3. Creating User Services

By understanding occupancy trends and environmental conditions, can help businesses develop services that enhance employee comfort and productivity, such as room booking systems and real-time notifications for hot-desk space availability.

4. Energy Optimization

The data collected by the platform can be used to fine-tune heating, cooling, and lighting systems to reduce energy waste by analyzing occupancy patterns and environmental factors, leading to cost savings and a more sustainable workplace environment. is leading the way in the Nordics when it comes to bringing insight into workplace management. It leverages data to empower businesses to optimize their spaces, reduce costs, and enhance employee productivity and comfort. With a track record of substantial savings for customers and a flexible platform adaptable to various technologies, will continue to drive innovation and efficiency in the Scandinavian workplace.

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