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Wireless Temperature Probe Sensor Sets New Standards for Temperature Monitoring

Leona Leslie
VP Marketing

We are proud to present our latest temperature monitoring technology advancement – the Wireless Temperature Probe Sensor. This innovative new sensor is designed for a broad spectrum of applications, enabling precise temperature measurement across industries such as food retail and healthcare at temperatures as low as -200°C to as high as +650°C, all while delivering industry-leading battery life and performance.

Through meticulous engineering and extensive testing, we have developed a sensor that excels even in the harshest environments, where extreme cold and heat can affect sensor performance and battery life. Our new Wireless Temperature Probe Sensor addresses these challenges head-on, delivering 15-year battery life, high accuracy, and unmatched reliability.

Temperature Probe Sensor checking temperature inside a fridge
Temperature Probe Sensor checking temperature inside a fridge

Julian Veisdal, Head of Product at Disruptive Technologies, explains, "We strive to make temperature monitoring as simple and reliable as possible for our customers. With the new Wireless Temperature Probe Sensor, we are bringing the reliability and ease of use we are known for to a broader range of applications.”

Key Features and Benefits

15-Year Battery Life: The sensor boasts an impressive 15-year battery life, even at extreme temperatures. This reliability and low maintenance requirements provide a sustainable solution with a low cost of ownership.

Universal Probe Compatibility: The sensor is compatible with any PT100 or PT1000 temperature probe. This allows the user to tailor temperature monitoring to their requirements, eliminating the complexities of managing multiple sensor types.

Wide Temperature Measurement Range: With the ability to measure temperatures across a broad range, users can rely on continuous and accurate data collection in the most challenging environments.

Easy-to-use open APIs: Open and easy-to-use APIs allow users to seamlessly incorporate the features of our solution into various applications to address specific industry needs.

With its reliable performance and user flexibility, the Wireless Temperature Probe Sensor represents a significant advancement in temperature monitoring technology. Data from the sensor can be viewed and managed in our web application, Studio, where users can set up alerts, integrate data with work order management systems, and maintain a data log for compliance audits. When there is a need for more specific data management, we partner with companies like ICU Scandinavia and Sensormatic by Johson Controls. They use the sensors to bring precise data into their solutions for quality assurance, compliance, and food safety. 

"When we first tested the product, we were impressed," says Sten Drakenberg, CEO at ICU Scandinavia. "The Temperature Probe Sensor maintains the quality and performance we have come to expect from Disruptive Technologies sensors, only in much more challenging conditions than before." 

The Wireless Temperature Probe Sensor completes the Disruptive Technologies lineup of best-in-class temperature sensors. It can be supplied as part of our Cold Storage Monitoring Solution or as a key component of our partner solutions.

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