We partner with innovative companies at every point in the IoT value chain to bring smart solutions to life

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Reseller partners distribute sensors and the complete sensing solution, extending our reach to different industries and geographic regions, and sharing in the exponential growth of the IoT market.
Integrator partners add value at many points in the IoT value chain, including middleware, analytics, installation, and ongoing support, to create unique solutions that meet customer needs.

To provide choice for our customers, together with our integrator partners Disruptive Technologies' works with a variety of cloud platforms to store and exchange critical sensing data.

Design consultants have the specialized expertise to help companies in all industries to select best-in-class technology and develop strategies to transition to the new world of IoT.
Service providers leverage Disruptive Technologies' sensing solution to envision new types of services, bring those services to market and deliver them to their end clients.

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Key partners like Simaxx work hand-in-hand with Disruptive Technologies to transform data into actionable insights.

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Disruptive Technologies partners have the benefit of working with the most reliable, long lasting, easy to install, and cost-effective sensing solution on the market. We welcome you to begin working with us by using our pilot kit. You'll get immediate access to our API and support infrastructure, including tools and frameworks for developers.

Once you begin working with the Disruptive Technologies sensing solution the next step is to become an official partner. In addition to dedicated technical support, Disruptive Technologies provides co-marketing and promotional support for partners.


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Looking for a partner to help you put together your next IoT solution? Our experienced partners have proven success using Disruptive Technologies' sensors to help customers save time, lower costs, and get the answers they need.