A truly disruptive technology

From the microchips that power the sensors to the communication protocol and Cloud service that securely manage sensor data, we have innovated the entire system to deliver unprecedented battery life in a tiny form.

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Tiny, longlasting & affordable sensors
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Robust & scalable system architecture
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Best-in-class, end-to-end security
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Effortless, plug & play connectivity

Custom-designed in Norway, manufactured in Germany

Enabled by DT Silicon

DT Silicon is our proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), custom-designed and optimized for low power sensing. While running in active mode with its sensors enabled, the DT Silicon consumes almost 100 times less energy than market-leading Bluetooth controllers do in Power Down mode.

This is made possible by a power management technology that includes ultra-low-power analog-digital-conversion circuitry, a custom-developed processor, and ultra-low-power oscillator and power management circuitry.


Connected through SecureDataShot™

Devices communicate via SecureDataShot technology, our proprietary Sub-1 GHz wireless communication protocol made for creating a scalable network of sensors while maintaining security and using as little energy as possible. SecureDataShot is end-to-end encrypted and optimized for use with DT Silicon and tiny battery-enabled devices.

Secure data shot

Brought to life by custom manufacturing

The ultra-small size and affordable cost of the sensors are brought to life by tailor-made, innovative manufacturing methods. To this end, we have partnered with the respected German manufacturer Zollner Elektronik AG, known for automotive, industrial and aerospace manufacturing.



sustainability award 2021-1


Gartner Cool Vendor

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