Peel, Stick, and Forget: The Complete Installation Process of Our Wireless Sensors

Shriya Dash
Product Marketing Manager

Whether you’re equipping an office building with sensors to understand usage or implementing remote temperature monitoring across a chain of supermarkets or grocery stores, quick and easy installation is a feature to look for when evaluating the IoT sensors you choose.

Not only does it mean minimal operational downtime and low installation cost, but the features that make the sensors easy to install also give your solution flexibility, ensuring that your organization can adapt rapidly to changing needs and scale the technology as required. "Peel, stick and forget" is not just a catchy phrase; it's the entire installation process of the Disruptive Technologies (DT) wireless sensors. We can install hundreds of sensors in an hour and thousands in a day. Here is how we are able to do it.

Quick Setup

Simply peel off the backing, stick the sensor where you need it, and forget about it—no need to worry about glue, screws, or other mounting equipment. The sensor's adhesive ensures a secure attachment.

No Pairing Necessary

Typically, sensors must be paired with the gateway transmitting their data. However, once you claim a DT sensor, it immediately communicates with any cloud connectors in its range. There's no need for time-consuming device pairing or network configuration. This reduces overall installation time and removes the risk of setup errors.

No Technical Expertise Required

You don't need to be a tech guru to install our sensors. The simplicity of the peel-and-stick approach makes it possible for anyone to set them up, allowing for rapid, low-cost deployment across multiple properties or assets.

Flexible Placement

The ease of installation means you can place sensors wherever you need them without hassle. Whether it's monitoring temperature, humidity, or occupancy, you can position the sensors where they will be most effective, even if the spot is difficult-to-access.


Whether you manage a small office building or a large commercial complex, the flexibility and ease of installation enable a scalable solution tailored to your needs. You can add sensors to an additional zone, floor or building, without re-pairing or reconfiguration.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, the sensors require minimal maintenance. The "forget" part of "Peel, stick, and forget" means that they continue to work once they're in place without attention or maintenance.

Integration with Existing Systems

Our IoT sensors can easily integrate with your current building management systems (BMS), further simplifying the implementation process and enhancing your property's efficiency.

Bottom Line

Being able to install thousands of IoT sensors in a single day is a game-changer. The days of cumbersome and time-consuming setup are behind us. The peel, stick, and forget approach minimizes operational downtime and installation costs and offers unmatched flexibility. With no technical expertise required, sensors can be placed anywhere and integrated seamlessly into your existing systems. 


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