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Introducing the Wireless Temperature Sensor

Leona Leslie
VP Marketing

Disruptive Technologies is proud to announce the release of our new Wireless Temperature Sensor. With an array of advanced features, including extended battery life in cold conditions and improved accuracy, this sensor sets a new standard in temperature-sensing technology.

Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring

While our new temperature sensor caters to a wide range of industry applications, we have specifically optimized it to meet the challenges of the cold storage industry. Maintaining battery life at low temperatures is a challenge for wireless technology. However, our newest sensor's unparalleled 15-year battery life is maintained at temperatures down to -40°C/F.

As leaders in smart sensor technology, we have incorporated innovations previously exclusive to our Industrial Temperature Sensor series into this new product. In addition to lengthened battery life and extended temperature range, the dynamic heartbeat selection and optional calibration service further enhance its versatility and precision.

Accuracy Assured

We now offer a professional calibration service to meet the demands for accuracy in regulated industries and follow a rigorous NIST equivalent process compliant with ISO 17025 standards. This guarantees an accuracy of ±0.25°C upon shipment, while the sensor's low drift characteristic maintains an accuracy of ±0.5°C for over five years. 

As with our other sensors Touch, Proximity, Water, Humidity, CO2, Motion, and Desk Occupancy – the temperature sensors feature a compact, wireless design, ensuring easy integration into any environment, including fridges and freezers packed with products.

Tailored Communication Intervals

The new sensor allows customization of heartbeat intervals for increased flexibility. Users can configure measurement intervals as short as every 30 seconds using our cloud application, Studio, or REST API, tailoring the monitoring system to their needs.

Bengt Lundberg, CEO of Disruptive Technologies says:

We are really excited about the specification of our new generation temperature sensor. Nothing else is quite like it on the market when it comes to longevity and performance. It's a game changer for cold storage businesses- providing more flexibility, better reliability, and a longer lifespan than the market has seen before.

Disruptive Technologies remains committed to making businesses and industries smarter through easy-to-implement, affordable sensor solutions.


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